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Community Foundation of the Lake Joins with Area Groups

Community Foundation of the Lake Gives Back Locally

The Community Foundation of the Lake is pleasedto announce that 17 lake-area organizations were awarded grants at the Lake of theOzarks Convention and Visitors Bureau’s annual dinner at the Country Club Hotel on March 27th.

The 2014 grant recipients were as follows:

  • Camdenton School Foundation for the Classroom Impact Grant

  • Camden County Senior Citizens Association for homebound frozen meals, bread, milkand fruits

  • Woman to Woman for the Woman on the Move program

  • Citizens Against Domestic Violence for the needed components for victims served

  • Kids Harbor for a forensic interview’s salary

  • Westlake Aquatic Center for the renovation of shower stalls

  • Lighthouse Mission to sponsor 250 nights of service

  • Medical Missions for Christ for prescriptions

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters to sponsor five new mentors

  • Rock Island Task Force to help with Labor for the trail

  • Food for Morgan County for food moving equipment

  • Share the Harvest for laundry detergent

  • Wonderland Camp to help with camp sponsorship

  • 2ndChance Bikes for bike tools

  • Missouri Extension Council 4-H for five 4-H camper scholarships

  • LambHouse for the Sue’s Shoes program to provide new shoes for those in need

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the Camp Scholarship Fund

Amy Hernandez, Marvin Silliman (President), Mary Manning (Secretary), Carolyn Davinroy, Al Greimann, Melissa Carroll (Vice President)

MO Extension -4-H
Amy Hernandez, Trenny Garrett, Marvin Silliman (President), Mary Manning (Secretary), Carolyn Davinroy, Melissa Carroll (Vice President), Thomas Walker

Wonderland Camp
Dick Doherty, Betty Coleman, Amy Hernandez, Marvin Silliman (President), Melissa Carroll (Vice President), Jason Hynson, Carolyn Davinroy, Tony Reahr, Mary Manning (Secretary)

Lamb House
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President), Trenny Garrett, Susan Hill, Melissa Carroll (Vice President)

Share the Harvest
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President), Trenny Garrett, Judy Wimmer, Betty Coleman, Carolyn Davinroy

Food For Morgan County
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President),
John Wagner, Betty Coleman

Rock Island Task Force
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President), Mac McNally,
Sharon Harms, Mayor Ron Bly, Tony Reahr

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Dick Doherty, Becky Panchot, Tony Reahr, Mary Manning (Secretary)

Medical Missions
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman, Joyce King,
Tony Reahr, Mary Manning (Secretary)

Lighthouse Mission
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President),
Bob Willis, Trenny Garrett, Alison Martin (Coordinator)

Westlake Aquatic Center
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President),
Lucy Silliman, Trenny Garrett, Brent Simpson

Kids Harbor
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President), Cara Gerdiman,
Khristina Pahlman, Tony Reahr

Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President), Jill Wade,
Tony Reahr, Mary Manning (Secretary)

Woman 2 Woman
Dick Doherty, Annette Gilbert, Marvin Silliman (President),
Kim Spangler, Tony Reahr, Melissa Carroll (Vice President),
Mary Manning (Secretary)

Camden County Senior Citizens Center
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President), Trenny Garrett,
Carol Harper, Tony Reahr, Melissa Carroll (Vice President)

Camdenton Education Foundation
Matt Hamner, Selynn Barbour, Trenny Garrett,
Melissa Carroll (Vice-President) Marvin Silliman,
(President), Tony Reahr

2nd Chance Bikes
Dick Doherty, Marvin Silliman (President),
Betty Coleman, Wayne Marlow, Bob White